Our integrated range of services | Latcham

Integrating your communications

Supporting our solutions is an integrated range of services, including secure printing, personalisation of communications, direct marketing, data processing, and much more. We are agnostic about the technology platforms we use and everything can be adapted to make sure whatever we do, is right for you.

Branded merchandise portals

Need a bespoke webstore, selling your own branded products? We can help you launch your own print-on-demand webstore - zero stock held, zero waste.

Promotional Products

If you’re looking for eco-friendly merchandise and products such as pens, bags and mugs, Latcham have got you covered.

Hybrid mail

You can use our outsourced post-room to send your critical post and other mailings securely from wherever you are located.


We can help you create personalised messages to show your audience you understand their needs. This can help to build relationships and create better experiences.


We can deliver your critical documents via a range of eServices, including a web portal, email, hybrid mail or a combination of these.

Direct marketing

Whether it be digital or secure printing services, we know the importance of sending your message to the right audience to get the best results.

Document archiving and retrieval

We can help archive documents that are no longer in active use and provide you with secure access. This is ideal if you may need it for future reference or ...

Postal optimisation

Sending out your post in a timely and cost-effective manner is important when it comes to marketing. At Latcham, we sort out all of the logistics surrounding administration and which ...

Member on-boarding and welcome packs

New member on-boarding and distinctive welcome packs tailored to make your members feel special and to meet their particular needs and interests.