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Print, mail and digital communication is evolving and now there’s so much more to play with to create value and impact. By combining this with our consultants’ in-depth experience and sector knowledge, we help to bring you fresh ideas. Read more Latcham perspectives - the latest insights, case studies, news and events from Latcham.

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Featured insights

19th November 2020

Using data segmentation to boost a university’s donor engagement

When it comes to engaging with potential donors, universities certainly have an advantage over charities. They hold a large amount of information about their donors including when they graduated, what…

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18th August 2020

Sustainable graphic design: how to reduce the environmental impacts of your designs

Are you trying to make sure you're doing everything you can to achieve sustainable graphic design? Whether producing a design which will be displayed electronically or printed, your decisions as…

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16th June 2020

Achieving best value in your member communications

Best value member communications: learn how to achieve them in our complete guide. How can you achieve best value member communications? We’re here to help! The Department of Finance defines…

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16th June 2020

Complete guide to hybrid mail

What is hybrid mail? Traditional hybrid mail is a simple tool that allows you to outsource your printing needs to another facility. A print driver is installed on your PC…

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12th June 2020

Delivering member value at a distance: maintaining member engagement and loyalty.

Maintain the physical in your member communications and make it personal. Member value is still possible, even with social distancing in place. “With recessionary winds in the air it is…

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19th April 2020

The key to unlocking better member engagement

Attracting potential new members, retaining existing ones and engaging with individuals, at whatever stage they find themselves within the membership lifecycle, is a perennial issue for membership organisations who are…

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7th March 2020

How can housing associations increase resident engagement through personalised communications?

With the National Housing Federation (NHF) recently unveiling plans to improve the relationship between housing associations and tenants, there has never been a better time for associations to review their…

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29th October 2018

Sustainable membership cards: what does the future hold for the membership card?

Garry Ford is a Specialist Client Director here at Latcham, and over the past two years he has seen a shift from membership professionals who now want to embrace sustainability…

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8th August 2018

How can digital transform local authority services?

There is no doubt that local authority digital transformation is no longer ‘nice to do’ - it is an absolute necessity. To succeed in today’s increasingly digital world, local authorities…

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Featured news

16th March 2021

The team at Latcham goes from strength to strength

We are very proud to have grown the team at Latcham by ten people over the past twelve months. This is across a variety of departments to support the continued…

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3rd March 2021

We’ve been named as official MemberWise partners for 2021

Latcham has been named as 2021 partners by MemberWise, one of the leading networks for membership professionals in the UK. We have also been named as an approved supplier by…

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29th January 2021

Supporting inHope to help homeless people in Bristol

Each year, Christmas jumper day is a chance for us to raise money for a charity close to our hearts. This Latcham chose inHope, a Bristol-based charity helping some of…

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28th January 2021

Behind the scenes – learn more about our rebrand

As of the 18th of January 2021, we rebranded: from Latcham Direct to rebrand as simply Latcham. Our new branding represents a huge step forward for Latcham. We wanted to…

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18th January 2021

Hitting the ground running – together: our 2021 customer update

After the challenges of 2020, we’re excited to be entering 2021 with a brand new look, new website and ambitious plans for our business in the coming year. Despite the…

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6th January 2021

Getting your mail into the postal system: Latcham and Pitney Bowes

At Latcham, we utilise a range of Pitney Bowes enclosing machinery. Getting your mail smoothly into the postal system is one of the most crucial steps in the direct mail…

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1st January 2021

Growing with Latcham

Kickstart your career at Latcham. Many people have started their careers at Latcham and a huge number have chosen to stay and develop their skills. We were delighted to be…

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2nd December 2020

Carbon neutral by 2030: we’ve just installed 4 electric vehicle charge points

As part of our ongoing efforts to be completely carbon neutral by 2030, Latcham has just installed four electric vehicle charge points at our Bristol site. Each charger is capable…

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15th July 2020

Supporting isolated members of the Armed Forces community during lockdown: our work with The Not Forgotten

Latcham recently worked with armed forces charity The Not Forgotten to distribute 1,000 Boredom Buster booklets to isolated current and ex Armed-Forces personnel during lockdown. The Not Forgotten Association was…

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Featured events

20th July 2020

The operational and financial benefits of outsourcing your post room via hybrid mail

If you are a public sector organisation interested in finding out how to outsource your postroom via hybrid mail, and how this can help your organisation save costs, time and…

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30th June 2020

Achieving best value with your membership communications

Learn how to get the maximum value from your member communications in our webinar with MemberWise. Getting the most value from your member communications is critical: but many membership organisations…

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5th June 2020

Decarbonising our business and creating sustainable solutions for membership organisations

Decarbonising our business means making choices. In adopting the principles of social value, Latcham is actively working towards helping improve sustainability in the membership sector, and ensuring tangible environmental benefits…

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20th May 2020

Delivering member value at a distance to optimise retention

Learn how to drive member retention by maintaining the physical in your member communications. Member value is still possible, even with social distancing in place. Make it personal, and you…

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17th March 2020

Rewriting the rules of member engagement

We’re excited to announce that we are sponsoring the MemberWise seminar “Rewriting the Rules of Member Engagement” on the 17th of March 2020 at the RCoA, Holborn, London. It all…

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