Latcham goes tree planting

On Tuesday, colleagues from sales, design and marketing took a trip to Old Sodbury for a morning of tree planting.

Organised by Premier Paper, the planting was part of a wider project to grow trees in the area around the Great Western rail line between London and Cardiff. The land, owned by Old Sodbury council, was sold to the community by Network Rail for a nominal fee for tolerating the disruption during the electrification of the line. After securing funding from The Woodland Trust, volunteers have been hard at work planting trees to turn the area into woodland.

Together, our colleagues helped to plant 120 trees, including guelder-rose, lime, hornbeam and cherry. 20 special trees were planted lining the path through one of the fields to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which locals have named “The Jubilee Line.”

Nicky Haines and Gordon Mackinnon

To preserve biodiversity, a large range of trees native to the area have been planted in this new woodland, including an apple orchard.

Through our supplier Premier Paper, Latcham has been able to be part of The Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture programme, which to date has raised over £1.37 million in funding, planted over 354,000 trees and captured 82,000 tonnes of CO2.

Working with sustainable suppliers is a key way for Latcham to reduce our own carbon footprint, and to support our customers’ ability to make more sustainable choices and in turn reduce their environmental impact.

As well as planting new trees, The Woodland Trust uses this programme to preserve existing trees, protecting and restoring ancient woodland.

For more information about The Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture programme, visit The Woodland Trust.