We’re supporting Tree Aid’s Leaves for Livelihoods campaign

It’s been almost a year since we officially partnered with Tree Aid, agreeing to donate a portion of all new business to help grow trees in the drylands of Africa.

Since then, we’ve helped to grow 1500 trees, thanks to our customers.

In addition to our ongoing partnership, we’ve made a one off donation of £150 to Leaves for Livelihoods, Tree Aid’s spring appeal. Leaves for Livelihoods focuses on providing seeds for local communities, so they can grow crop trees that they will be able to use for both sustenance and business.

Tree Aid’s tree growing is successful because they focus on more than putting trees in the ground. By working with local communities and planting crop trees, Tree Aid ensures these trees are beneficial to the people looking after them, ensuring they survive long into the future.

To learn more about Leaves for Livelihoods, and to make a donation, visit Tree Aid’s website.