We hit our fundraising target for Oscar!

At Latcham we have been raising money for Oscar, a little boy with cerebral palsy, so he can access life-changing surgery.

Oscar’s dad, Shaun, works at one of our neighbours: a company called TwentySix01, who have their offices in Latcham’s building. We’ve been helping Shaun and his family raise money for Oscar, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in July 2019.

Oscar’s cerebral palsy causes tight and stiff muscle tone, which affects his ability to move independently and means he cannot walk unaided. His family are hoping that a surgical procedure called a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy will improve Oscar’s quality of life significantly. This surgery, which has a very high success rate, aims to improve the muscle tone in Oscar’s lower limbs. This would have a significant positive effect on Oscar’s pain levels, mobility and quality of life. As the NHS can’t provide this treatment for Oscar, his family turned to crowdfunding to access this surgery.

Oscar’s treatment will cost £25,000 in total, including a £2,500 consultation charge to make sure Oscar is suitable for the surgery.

Our goal at Latcham was to raise the £2,500 needed for Oscar’s consultation charge, but we ended up exceeding that target and then some. The final total came to an astonishing £3283.52! This was rounded up to £3,500.

In January, we welcomed Oscar, his mum Emma and his dad Shaun to the Latcham offices to pick up the cheque.

We hope this money helps to kick off a bright new year for Oscar and his family!