Getting your mail into the postal system: Latcham and Pitney Bowes

At Latcham, we utilise a range of Pitney Bowes enclosing machinery. Getting your mail smoothly into the postal system is one of the most crucial steps in the direct mail process. The letter-shop services we offer have capacity and flexibility to cope with the most demanding of schedules and campaigns both in terms of volume and complexity. We can support everything from the straightforward split merge format to the complexities of self-mailer items with nested inserts and three way matching.
We have invested in modular kit in order to offer our clients the maximum degree of flexibility, without compromising quality or the creative.

1 x MPS inserter
The MPS series is a high-speed productivity, high integrity mail inserting system giving maximum flexibility. Running at 12,000+ cycles an hour, it operates Lake’s line scan camera software platform, which provides capabilities to all Pitney Bowes DFWorks™ products for Automated Document Factory management. Pack sizes range from C4 down to C6.

1 x Rival Inserter – 4 Station with 2D/OCR scan integrity.
The Rival Productivity Series delivers high performance capabilities in a small footprint design which helps Latcham deliver customer communications each and every day. This mid-range mail finishing solution provides reliability, accuracy and flexibility in an easy to use platform across Latchams short run client work.

2 x FPS inserters – x2 with MCS Inkjet Systems
An high speed FPS inserter platform with API-50C Continuous Input systems. Primarily used to run legacy and future application of continuous web, 2 up, A4 portrait material into DL & C5 envelopes. They have enhanced the production process, reducing the need for off line forms processing. We can run C4 flats applications using hopper fed material into C4 envelopes. MCS inkjet systems on x2 FPS lines, capable of reading from Hi-Cap and printing address, PPI flash banners on a closed faced envelope Pack sizes range from C4 – C6.

At Latcham, we know print – as our investment in Pitney Bowes machinery shows. Visit our document fulfilment services page to find out how we can help you.