How To Improve Customer Engagement Within Financial Services

One of the key pillars of business is to make your customer’s experience as great as you possibly can. To do this you need to enhance your customer’s engagement and make it an enjoyable experience for them to be working with you. The key to this is by utilising financial services communications that will help to improve your customers experience and engagement with you.

Here at Latcham, we assist brands and companies with financial services communications to deliver the right messages to your customers at the right time. Read on for more on what we can do to improve customer engagement.

Why Use Latcham?

Operational Resilience is a focus of the new FCA rules and guidance, meaning you need to ensure the rigidity and safety of customer-facing processes, such as the ways in which you handle outbound communications to them. Latcham is able to offer compliant financial services that will handle your customer’s data securely over multiple communication channels.

Finding the right solution for your financial services communication is just as important as any other part of your business or company and it can be tricky to know where to start in this ever-competitive marketplace. Fortunately, at Latcham, we’re proud to have access to a host of solutions that will allow for your company, business or organisation’s financial services communications to be as best as they can be. Our state of the art, secure printing facility offers streamlined document fulfilment for quick printing and distribution, covering any and all documentation types.

We help you to deliver communications that will resonate with your customers and help to improve engagement using a variety of methods. Here are some of the ways we can help.


Welcome Letters

First impressions count when it comes to customer engagement, as this is a key time to make a positive impact on your client to keep them coming back to you for more products and services. We can help by creating and distributing personalised welcome letters to customers. A welcome letter will become the foundation of a great relationship with a client/customer that you can then build on.

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail is a great choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective and efficient way of outsourcing your post. Working with Latcham will ensure all documents and communications you need to send are printed and sent on time for a great customer experience.

All of Latcham’s mailing is done from our specialist facility in Bristol, able to print, pack and send as much communication as you need. This eliminates your company having to spend time and money on printing equipment when it can easily be outsourced to us instead.

We have no minimum or maximum order, so you can use our hybrid mail as much as you want for the same cost per unit. It is truly one of the most customisable services on the market, scalable for your needs at no extra cost.

It works in five easy steps:

Send us your draft document using our custom software
The document is securely stored in the cloud
We process the document according to your specifications
Download the document for use
Then we print, enclose and send out your completed document

Using hybrid mail we can send out a variety of documents that are essential for improving customer engagement. This includes insurance documents that are time-critical. We can ensure they are created, printed and distributed in time for any upcoming deadlines. Customers will expect accurate documents delivered as promptly as possible, with which Latcham financial services can help.

Other resources we can print and distribute include wealth portfolio documents and policy booklets. Policy booklets are a crucial piece of information for a client, so we can produce both generic or highly personalised booklets that will inform a customer all they need to know about your policy. Annual reports can let clients know their business is in safe hands with you, letting them know how well you’ve done over the last year with an eye-catching report that is easy to read but highly informative at the same time.

Our hybrid mail is truly endless, you can print leaflets, brochures, documents, newsletters, contracts or any other thing you or your customers may need. A great way of building customer engagement is sending out documents to help with retention. This could be letting them know about new services, or offering incentives on new products.

Document Archiving & Retrieval

You can keep customer engagement up by using document archiving and retrieval. This allows you to take control over your entire archive of documentation in a way that makes it quick and easy to access.

This could be either physically or electronically, archiving documents that are no longer in active use but you still require for reference of compliance purposes. We can then provide you with secure access. Your customers will be very pleased with how secure their documentation is being kept, as our facility is ISO 27001 accredited. You can store contracts, policies, payroll and more, knowing that it is being kept securely.

You can then use a secure portal to search, view and print these documents remotely, allowing for instant access to all your documents if a client requests something.

Benefits Of Utilising Our Services

Latcham has constantly been on the leading edge of business, championing innovation and making a commitment to sustainable practices. We utilise the latest technology and a team of experts to keep our customers happy across multiple sectors, using their expertise in the field to achieve the best possible results. Here are some of the benefits of utilising our services.


Arguably, the most significant advantage of utilising financial services communication from Latcham is the amount of time you will save to get on with other tasks at hand, freeing up time you can instead spend on growing your business.

Improve Branding

One of the most important aspects of creating a successful business is the creation of a consistent, strong and inspiring brand. Latcham allows for easy brand integration across all of your documentation, personalising all of your documents with your specific brand elements and design choices. This means you can effortlessly and intrinsically design all of your documentation to represent your business and brand in the best possible way.


Following legal compliance requirements is imperative in almost all forms of documentation, with legal disclosures vital in banking, insurance, legal and government documents. Ensuring your document follows the legal compliance guidelines, and provides the up to date information required is of the highest importance and can easily be carried out by Latcham. We’ll keep your customers’ data safe and secure while producing outstanding communications.

Reduced Errors

Cutting out mistakes and showcasing acute accuracy in your documentation is essential in growing your brand successfully. Errors such as typos, accidental omissions of important dates or details and poor formatting all impact how your business is viewed by the wider public. Our expert team is meticulous when it comes to creating and checking financial service communications, eliminating mistakes, eradicating the need for manual formatting, cutting and pasting, and communicating your message clearly and effectively.

Financial Services From Latcham

Here at Latcham, we’re experts at aiding with financial services communications. Whether we’re installing a hybrid mail system to streamline document fulfilment or adding personalisation to enhance a customer, member or donor campaign, the process will be tailored to our client’s needs every time.

We have a suite of solutions that keep the communications of your organisation flowing smoothly and on time.

We work across multiple sectors, with deep expertise that we leverage to help our clients achieve the best results in print, mail and digital campaigns and communications to help improve customer engagement. With all the latest technology at our fingertips, the right solution comes from knowing which tools to apply to our clients’ projects – when, where and how. Get in touch with our expert team today.