How Printing Services Can Enhance Your Business

A service provided by a dedicated external company, printing services are designed to manage and/or optimise a business’s documentation and printing output to help control costs and unnecessary waste. Used to help manage expenses on the equipment itself and the maintenance work required, hiring professional printing services to handle your printing fleet can have significant benefits.

Types Of Printing Services

Printing services often referred to as Print Management Services, are designed with your business’s personal interests in mind. Through the use of the latest technologies, printing services are in place to manage the entire process of documentation delivery for your company. From the briefest of communication letters right up to the creative design of bespoke printed materials, a printing service is in place to design, proof, post and manage your business’s all-important output of content and communication.

Let’s take a closer look at just some of the key print management services provided by Latcham.

Hybrid Mail

A vital printing service for most businesses, hybrid mail services typically involve an online, digital interface that allows for critical documents and letters to be typed directly into an online word processor. This means that the actual contents of vital documentation and letters can be written in advance, with only small amendments needed later, such as the recipient’s details. As a result, this naturally speeds up both manufacturing and distribution times, improving the efficiency of your business overall.

In short, hybrid mail services are designed to streamline the process of writing and posting essential documentation through digital technology to reduce costs, waste and environmental impact.

Digital Printing

The process of printing digital-based images directly onto a chosen substrate, (such as paper, photo paper, canvas, fabrics etc.), digital printing won’t require printing places to transfer an image, unlike traditional printing methods or technologies, such as offset printing. This process has become a highly popular solution for many businesses, due to the high-quality, highly efficient output generated by this method. Equally, digital printing helps to reduce both chemical and paper waste, as the ink and toner won’t be absorbed by the paper and will instead remain on the surface of your chosen substrate.

Digital printing provides significant flexibility in achieving a variety of expertly crafted printed copy, including leaflets, brochures and secure printing for short print runs or high-volume campaigns.

Postal Optimisation

Designed to reduce your business mailing costs, postal optimisation is a specialised mail sortation software that allows for the analysis, segmentation and organisation of data to optimise your post in such a way that the lowest postage costs are achieved. In essence, postal optimisation organises and conforms your mail efficiently to achieve the best possible discounts on all your postal costs.

At Latcham, we’re proud to provide expert postal optimisation services to ensure your post is delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner, through organising and handling the all-important logistics and administrative duties required to send your post at such a scale.

Archiving & Retrieval

Most businesses will typically bolster a large quantity of vital documentation, which in itself will require effective storage, whether physically or electronically. At Latcham, we provide an essential document archiving and retrieval service to allow for complete control over your entire archive of documentation. If you have a large quantity of documentation that isn’t regularly accessed, but is essential or reference for compliance purposes, our services will ensure your documents are archived electronically and provided to you when required.

Benefits Of Printing Services For Business

Now that we understand the importance of printing services and have a clearer picture of the different types of mail services implemented by businesses, let’s take a closer look at some of the essential benefits of working alongside a proven company.

Cut Costs

Printing services can have a significant impact on your overall business costs, helping to reduce and control the expenditure of printing services through an inclusive “cost-per-page” package. Generally speaking, printing services will also cover the costs of consumables such as ink and toner, as well as the costs associated with emergency call-outs, time and labour costs. An expertly managed printing service will also help reduce the costs associated with maintenance work, connecting all your devices to a singular monitoring system that will ensure the on-time delivery of replacements or repairs.

Efficiency & Productivity

Printing services are time-consuming and typically frustrating to carry out, with tasks such as printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents all capable of causing their own problems, particularly if your hardware is past its best. In fact, a printer/copier that has begun to malfunction will have a dramatic impact on your productivity and that’s before you even begin to consider the time required to carry out essential ink or toner cartridge replacements. Through the implementation of a specialised printing service, time otherwise spent on carrying out essential printing work or maintenance can instead be handled independently, freeing up space for your business to provide the service required for their customers without hesitation or interruption.

Guaranteed Quality

Implementing a printing service to handle your business documentation practically guarantees a consistent, professional and high-quality design for your range of documents. Printing services have access to the finest equipment, ink, paper or printing materials to produce expert documentation that, quite literally, delivers.

As an added incentive, hiring a professional and proven company such as Latcham for your printing services, will ensure you always have access to the widest range of services possible, with the ability to carry out a range of printing services for a variety of products.

These typically include:

● Brochures
● Business cards
● Notebooks
● Booklets
● Menus
● Leaflets
● Catalogues
● Flyers
● Posters
● Postcards
● Invitations
● Calendars

Flexible & Convenient

As suggested, implementing printing services for your business offers an expert delivery of a range of different documentation types to provide the utmost flexibility. Typically, large prints, such as A1 Plan Printing are almost impossible to navigate from an in-house printer, with most systems set up to make use of A4 or A3 paper. Professional printing services, meanwhile, are able to facilitate you, no matter what size or scale you require for your documentation, ensuring a clean, professional and perfectly designed document, no matter the requirement.

Equally, professional printing services are especially convenient, handling vast quantities of printouts in reduced time, compared with traditional office printers, ensuring all your deadlines are met without sacrificing quality.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Implementing effective printing services into your business can have a significant impact on your environmental impact. Printing, of course, requires paper, electricity for power and oil for your ink cartridges, which themselves will only reach landfills when disposed of. Using printing services to optimise your delivery will ensure you are only using the necessary energy and resources required to cover your exact quota, thus reducing waste and negative environmental impact.

Latcham – Intelligent Fulfilment Solutions

At Latcham, we have access to all the latest technology and are proud to serve the UK nationally and regionally with industry-leading document fulfilment and data-driven personalised communications, all provided with our trademark one-to-one approach.

Whether we’re installing a hybrid mail system to streamline document fulfilment or adding personalisation to enhance a customer, member or donor campaign, the process will be tailored to our client’s needs every time. Our person-led approach means we take the time to get to know our clients, and to understand what their unique needs are. Visit our website today.