Achieving best value with your membership communications

Learn how to get the maximum value from your member communications in our webinar with MemberWise.

Getting the most value from your member communications is critical: but many membership organisations are not taking advantage of some simple, easy-to-implement tools and techniques that can reduce costs and increase value. Some of these tools are extremely easy to implement, and experts are on hand to explain how you can harness them. Our webinar with MemberWise includes:

• A discussion on practical and sustainable ways to enhance membership communication, which creates greater value for your members
• Ways to optimise electronic and postal delivery of your membership communications that can increase efficiency and lower cost in your member mailings
• Exploring the potential role of hybrid mail and out sourcing your post room in reducing costs and supporting your members’ journey.

This webinar features some great member value case studies and explains how membership bodies can save up to 40% on member mailings by making some expert advice and by implementing some very simple changes in the way that they send communications to their members.

Want to know more? You can view the webinar in its entirety in the Vimeo link below.