Delivering member value at a distance to optimise retention

Learn how to drive member retention by maintaining the physical in your member communications.

Member value is still possible, even with social distancing in place. Make it personal, and you will see the benefits of increased member retention.

Member value has never been more critical. With recessionary winds in the air, maintaining, demonstrating and delivering value to your members is key for member retention. Your member organisation could have seen many of the offerings you would usually have for your members no longer be possible with social distancing. With this in mind, how can member organisations continue to deliver member value?

In our webinar with MemberWise, we cover a range of topics that can help your membership organisation to continue delivering value during social distancing, such as:

● Defining member value, and how to demonstrate it
● Moving beyond member satisfaction and exceeding expectations to gain member advocacy and loyalty
● Using a blended approach in your member communications and personalisation to drive member value
● Moving through the current crisis with an eye to the future.

We discuss the main issues an challenges facing the membership sector currently in ensuring that member value can continue to be delivered throughout social distancing, and pass on practical tips to ensure your member organisation can continue to thrive and grow.

The webinar is available to watch in its entirety below.