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19th November 2020

Using data segmentation to boost a university’s donor engagement

When it comes to engaging with potential donors, universities certainly have an advantage over charities. They hold a large amount of information about their donors including when they graduated, what...

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18th August 2020

Sustainable graphic design: how to reduce the environmental impacts of your designs

Do you consider the environmental impact of your graphic designs? Whether producing a design which will be displayed electronically or printed, your decisions as a graphic designer can impact the...

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16th June 2020

Achieving best value in your member communications

Achieving best value with your member communications: our complete guide. How can you achieve best value with your member communications? We’re here to help! The Department of Finance defines best...

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16th June 2020

Complete guide to hybrid mail

What is hybrid mail? Traditional hybrid mail is a simple tool that allows you to outsource your printing needs to another facility. A print driver is installed on your PC...

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12th June 2020

Delivering member value at a distance: maintaining member engagement and loyalty during and post Covid-19.

Maintain the physical in your member communications and make it personal. Member value is still possible, even with social distancing in place. “With recessionary winds in the air it is...

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19th April 2020

The key to unlocking better member engagement

Attracting potential new members, retaining existing ones and engaging with individuals, at whatever stage they find themselves within the membership lifecycle, is a perennial issue for membership organisations. All membership...

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