June 2022 - Latcham

A Brief Guide To Direct Marketing Services

Direct marketing is an extremely common and highly effective method of promotional campaigning that directly targets information regarding your company, product or service to a customer that has been previously determined as a suggestible buyer. In this blog, we take a closer look at direct marketing, how it works and why it matters.

What Is Direct Marketing?

A marketing strategy that relies heavily on direct communication without the use of a middleman, direct marketing delivers targeted messages to its audiences to produce results. Below are some common examples of direct marketing:

● Brochures
● Catalogues
● Flyers
● Postcards
● Social Media Ads
● Newsletters
● Coupons
● Emails
● Targeted Ads
● Phone Calls
● Text Messages

Direct marketing is a vast and vital advertising method, but it’s just as important that it’s carried out effectively, in order to produce the best results. Below are just a few examples of important factors to consider for your direct marketing campaign.

Target Customers

Direct marketing, as the name suggests, is designed to target specific audiences with a specific product or service. However, as with any direct marketing campaign, you must narrow this audience to a targeted group of people/consumers who are more likely to purchase your product. This could be based on age, background, gender, or a host of other relevant factors.


An obvious, yet still vitally important factor is your budget. Direct marketing services, particularly online marketing and social media, are highly beneficial for companies looking to make the most of limited resources, with a far-reaching campaign able to be achieved off a relatively affordable budget.

Call To Action (CTA)

A primary objective of direct marketing is to encourage consumers to act, such as visiting your website as a result of your marketing. This typically reveals itself in the form of commands, such as, “sign up now”, or, “visit us today”. A carefully designed CTA should provide clear instruction and be optimised for conversion and clicks.

Response Tracking

Vital in providing an accurate, almost instant measurement of the success of your digital marketing campaign, response tracking data helps businesses analyse a user’s behaviour to determine if, when and how they have responded to your targeted advertisement.

At Latcham, we understand your exact marketing fulfilment challenges and requirements. Whether it be graphic design or secure printing services, we are here to help you convey the right message to the right people. Get in touch today.


The Benefits Of Document Archiving & Retrieval

Having control over your documents is critical to a modern workplace, whether this be physical copies or online versions. But having a lot of files in an office can clutter it immensely, while a lot of online documents can lead to confusion as you try to work out where things are saved. This is where document archiving and retrieval can help you.

Here are some of the benefits of document archive services.


The more documents you have, the trickier it is for them to be organised. By archiving your documents, you can organise them however you like for quick retrieval whenever you need them.

One Place

Having all your documents in one location is great practice for a business, as an employee will know exactly where to go to find the documents they need, instead of a lengthy search. This is beneficial if you’re an organisation with multiple locations that need to share documents.

Online Versions

Data archiving can be done online, with all of your documents converted to electronic versions for you. You can then either keep the original documents in storage or destroy them if needed. As your documents are now all online, you can easily access them through a secure portal that will allow you to easily find what you need.

Document Archive Services From Latcham

If you’re looking for a place to store your critical documents, get in touch with Latcham today. We offer secure document archiving and retrieval, with our ISO 27001 accredited facility that will ensure all of your documents are safe. This can include contracts, payroll, policies and any other critical documents you may not be using currently but want to keep safe.

All your documents can then be accessed through a secure online portal where you can search, view and print your documents easily. Call now on 0117 311 8200 to talk through your requirements with one of our team, or visit our website today to find out more about electronic document storage and the range of other solutions we offer.

We’re attending PfH Live 2022

It’s a full team for PfH Live 2022, where our housing expert David Lonie and Specialist Client Directors Gordon MacKinnon and Garry Ford will be exhibiting for the entirety of the event.

PfH Live is The Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual conference and Europe’s leading housing festival, taking place on the 28th -30th of June in Manchester Central. As PfH nominated suppliers, we will be showcasing our services to attendees.

We will also be promoting our best practice webinar that we are running in conjunction with PfH, How Green Are Your housing Communications? This event takes place on the 5th July at 12pm.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!



Our green journey and the Festival of Sustainable Business

Gordon Mackinnon

Gordon MacKinnon
Specialist Client Director
Financial Services
07594 511339

Ahead of the Festival of Sustainable Business Exhibition this Thursday, we spoke to our Specialist Client Director Gordon MacKinnon, who will be exhibiting at the festival.

Gordon is our financial services specialist, and has consistently championed our commitment to the environment since joining Latcham a year ago. He has presented our webinar on carbon-neutral member communications and featured on a sustainability panel with the Financial Services Forum.

How did you hear about the Festival of Sustainable Business?

I heard about the festival through our Managing Director, Mike Hughes. Mike did an interview with Action Net Zero a few months ago, who are a sustainability organisation local to us in Bristol. They originally approached us to talk about our experience implementing electric vehicles to replace our transport fleet, but the interview ended up being far more wide-reaching. Mike was able to talk about a lot of the things we’ve done to make our facility as carbon neutral as possible, plus share some expertise on making your communications greener and the relative impact of print versus digital. Action Net Zero were promoting the Festival of Sustainable Business, and it seemed like a natural fit for us to exhibit there.

Sending out customer comms, be it print or digital, does not have to be a dirty business.

Last Thursday, you were at the festival’s gala dinner, where Mike presented the Sustainable Buildings Award – could you tell me about that?

We were honoured to present the Sustainable Buildings Award to Snug Homes. It made sense for us to present this award as we’ve done a lot of work on our own facility in terms of upgrades to windows, heating and insulation to make it energy efficient. Snug are a carbon-positive home builder, and a really worthy winner.

 We really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about our own sustainability journey and our local focus, and the chance to speak to other South West businesses who have sustainability high on their agenda. As Mike said in his intro at the dinner – sending out customer comms, be it print or digital, does not have to be a dirty business. We’ve made a lot of positive changes to our organisation, and it’s great to see we’re not alone. 

Mike with award winners SNUG Homes at the Festival of Sustainable Business Gala Dinner

Could you talk a bit more about these positive changes?

We’ve invested in a lot of upgrades to the equipment we use to print – this has produced massive dividends both in terms of energy reduction and replacing microplastic-based inks. Our new Canon i300s use water-based inks, and are far more energy efficient than the printers they replaced.

As well as this, we use both recycled and FSC/PEFC certified paper, and as I mentioned earlier we’ve upgraded our facility and our vehicles to more environmentally friendly options, and switched to a green energy provider to power our facility. There is a huge drive to recycle at our facility too – we recycle 94% of all our waste products, and single use plastics are banned from our facility.

We discovered during this process of reducing our carbon footprint that you really do have to think of everything – how locally your equipment and supplies are procured, where your servers are hosted, how your staff are travelling in and out of work. It isn’t something you can do with half measures – it takes real commitment.

An email can have a lighter footprint than a letter, or a heavier one – which is why simply switching to digital is not the magic bullet that people think it is.

You said customer communications do not have to be a dirty business – what about switching to digital?

I’ve been running webinars on this topic since January, and people who attend are routinely surprised by some of the things we explore in these sessions. Probably the thing that surprises people the most is that digital is not automatically more environmentally friendly than print, and I have to admit I was surprised when I first found this out.

There has been some research into the carbon cost of sending a standard letter. Our research found an average of 26g CO2 equivalent, most of which comes from the transport network used to send it. What this means is the size of the communication sent by mail matters less, as it costs the same in carbon terms to send a small letter or a large mailpack via conventional post.

 However, for emails, there’s a lot of variance, and it depends far more on the size. A simple, transactional email weighs in at just 4g CO2 equivalent, but add any attachments or images, and it rises to 26-50g. As well as this, people send far more emails than they would letters – OVO highlighted the carbon cost of unnecessary emails in their ‘think before you thank’ campaign. So, you can see why it isn’t that simple. An email can have a lighter footprint than a letter, or a heavier one – which is why simply switching to digital is not the magic bullet that people think it is.

We offer both print and digital communication services to our customers, and we try to make both as green as possible. For us, it’s important to be transparent with clients, who often come to us expecting to undergo a digital transformation journey and for that to automatically make everything greener. It isn’t as simple as that!

Gordon will be at the Festival of Sustainable Business Exhibition at the Paintworks, Bristol on the 23rd of June 2022. It is free to attend, and you can register via their website.