May 2022 - Latcham

We’re supporting Tree Aid’s Leaves for Livelihoods campaign

It’s been almost a year since we officially partnered with Tree Aid, agreeing to donate a portion of all new business to help grow trees in the drylands of Africa.

Since then, we’ve helped to grow 1500 trees, thanks to our customers.

In addition to our ongoing partnership, we’ve made a one off donation of £150 to Leaves for Livelihoods, Tree Aid’s spring appeal. Leaves for Livelihoods focuses on providing seeds for local communities, so they can grow crop trees that they will be able to use for both sustenance and business.

Tree Aid’s tree growing is successful because they focus on more than putting trees in the ground. By working with local communities and planting crop trees, Tree Aid ensures these trees are beneficial to the people looking after them, ensuring they survive long into the future.

To learn more about Leaves for Livelihoods, and to make a donation, visit Tree Aid’s website.

We’re attending the Scottish Fundraising Conference

On the 9th-10th of June, our fundraising expert David Lonie will be at the Scottish Fundraising Conference at the DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central.

As well as exhibiting our services to delegates, David will be presenting at the opening session on Friday with Big Hearts Community Trust. Join us to learn more about how we helped Big Hearts keep connected some of their most vulnerable community members during lockdown.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Digital Excellence 2022

We’re proud to be supporting Digital Excellence (2022) Conference & Exhibition, at the London Novotel West, 26th May.

Digital Excellence 2022 is The MemberWise Network’s digital transformation conference for membership & association professionals.

Our sector experts Garry Ford and David Lonie will be exhibiting, sharing their knowledge of digital comms and transformation with the delegates.

Three reasons you need hybrid mail services

An efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of outsourcing your post and mail services digitally, hybrid mail services will provide your business with absolute control over your mailings, reducing waste, saving time and cutting costs in the process. Here, we take a closer look at three essential reasons your business or organisation should consider hybrid mail services.

Reduce Costs

When making use of an effective hybrid mail solution, you are immediately providing yourself with a cost-effective answer to your all-important communication needs. Ultimately, hybrid mail services remove the requirement for paper, printing and postage costs to be considered, thus reducing your overall costs significantly. Hybrid mail will sort your post/mail in such a way that maximum efficiency is achieved at all times, saving you money in the long term.


A key advantage of incorporating hybrid mail services into your business or operations is the reduced impact it has on the environment. Through the use of hybrid mail services, you will dramatically reduce the need for transportation of physical mail, thus shrinking your Co2 levels significantly. In equal terms, by cutting your need for physical mail, you’ll reduce your paper wastage considerably, further reducing the environmental impact. In short, hybrid mail services will reduce your carbon footprint, helping to contribute to a much cleaner, healthier planet.

Improve Efficiency

An essential benefit of incorporating a hybrid mail service is the improved efficiency levels. Effectively speeding up both manufacturing and distribution times, combining digital technologies with the all-important reach of physical mail and marketing, hybrid mail services will dramatically improve the efficiency of your company, impacting your visibility and success. On a similar note, through the use of hybrid mail services, you’ll likely be freeing up time otherwise spent on the minutiae of printing, franking and delivering physical mail, instead, freeing up more time to focus on other parts of your business.

At Latcham, our hybrid mail services are one of the most customisable and powerful on the market. Operating from our specialist facility in Bristol, printing, enclosing and sending your mail remotely, we make sure it’s always personally tailored to suit your requirements and guarantee your mailing needs are met. If you’re interested in hybrid mail solutions, get in touch.