February 2022 - Latcham

Watch! Our guide to carbon neutral member communications

How green are your communications?

Print is perceived as a necessary evil. The assumption is that print, by nature, is environmentally damaging – trees come down, paper goes out. 

 At the same time, the reality is that printing and posting communications to your members is largely unavoidable. The question is then, is there a genuinely green way to do this without full digital migration? Our webinar will guide you through making the right choices to ensure your communications have as little environmental impact as possible, exploring some key themes:

– The carbon cost of both physical and electronic communications
– Making a genuine commitment to the environment, not just greenwashing
– The bigger picture, and how every decision you make can help your journey to net zero
– Your place in that journey, and how you can get there faster

Official partners – Latcham and Memberwise 2022

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been announced as official partners for 2022 by the MemberWise Network, the UK’s leading free membership and association professional network, following on from our successful partnership in 2021.

Over the last year, we’ve worked hard to bring our expertise to MemberWise’s 6500+ strong network of membership and association professionals, including co-authoring ‘Is Your Membership Organisation Struggling to Be Heard Over the Digital Noise? A MemberWise Best Practice Guide,‘ and facilitating the ‘Unlocking the Power of Personalisation to Drive Member Retention and Value’ online learning module (available free and exclusively to members via the network’s online learning portal, MemberWise Learn). This week, our membership experts David Lonie and Garry Ford will be kicking off this year’s activity with MemberWise in our webinar ‘What’s the carbon cost of your comms?’

Our CEO, Mike Hughes commented:

“We have worked in partnership with MemberWise for many years and this strategic relationship has enabled us to showcase our portfolio of print, fulfilment and digital services exclusively designed for membership organisations and associations. We look forward to working with Rich and the MemberWise team in 2022 and beyond.”

Chair of the MemberWise Network, Richard Gott, responded:
“It is great to see Latcham on board again in 2022 as our strategic relationship enables us to amplify the reach of our network and provide members with even more tangible benefits of membership. The fulfilment of delegate registration packs were particularly helpful during COVID-19 and I would personally like to thank Mike and his team for their high quality service and continued support.”